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Right now is a great time to plant some new seeds for your business and there is no better way to do that than connecting to your creativity. We’ve put together a bundle of our best creative content that’s overflowing with creative fun ... just for our new subscribers! Everything from Coloring to Cash Flow, from Profit Planning to Painting, all for less than the price of a couple of lattes :-)
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The Artful Marketer eBook
Download the PDF version of my Amazon best-selling book directly into your favorite reader and learn about my unique approach to marketing for creatives just like us.
The Artful Marketer 
Companion Workbook
This workbook is designed to get you from reading mode into action with what you learned in The Artful Marketer.
The Artful Profit Planner
My clients love this planner: they print out a new one every few months to track their business in a creative way. What you focus on grows! This planner will show you what to focus on to create more money in your creative business and how to have more fun doing it.
Artful Profit Planner
3 Video Series
You'll learn some great tips, tricks and secrets from Minette on Marketing, How to Move Forward, and How to Get Clients Now!
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The Artful Marketer
My clients use The Artful Profit Planner and it keeps them on track!
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Minette Riordan is my amazing business coach. I am one of those highly creative, artistic healers who didn't know how to value my services when I first began my business. But through working closely with Minette, I've steadily transformed my relationship to my own value, what I charge for my services, and now am on my way to running a profitable business that serves queer women. I could not have achieved the success I have in so little time without Minette's skill, love, compassion, integrity, and coaching. She is such a gem! - Sofia Rose Smith,
Minette, I can’t thank you enough for the value you brought to me for my company. You helped me achieve the goals I was striving for and in such a short time. With your amazing knowledge and expertise, I have grown as a business owner AND met what I was hoping for. I would recommend anyone wanting to learn more about marketing their business to connect with  Minette. She is such fun to work with and has all the skills necessary to assist anyone in business. Thank you! - Heather Quiring, Travel Directions