Money, Meditation, & Mandalas

​​​​​​The Ultimate Creative Process for Manifesting Money: Coloring Book and e-course
Attract more money and opportunity into your business.
Combine intention, attention and action to open yourself to receiving.
Commit to yourself and begin your journey to manifesting an abundance of money.
Does this sound familiar?
I never have enough money.
I feel "icky" raising my rates and asking for more money.
I don't want to think about money ... I just want to think about my creativity and service.
I've hit the ceiling and I can't see a way to move up.
I don't know how to make more money.
If any of those sound like you, you're not alone ...

There's a reason that Forbes, Business Insider, and more have articles about fixing your Money Mindset ...

... you will never achieve financial success in your business until you can clear your money blocks

In a recent study about why most Creative Business fail, 3 of the top 8 reasons were ...

... "the numbers don't stack up", "lack of finances", and "underselling & undervaluing yourself"
So how do you avoid these problems?
Is there a system or “creative hack” that will get past these money blocks?
There is, and that’s exactly what this page is all about…
Money, Meditation, & Mandalas
The Ultimate Creative Process for Manifesting Money
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This creative process is designed specifically for Creative Entrepreneurs like you

At the Path to Profit Academy we work with Creative Entrepreneurs, day in and day out. We are Creative Entrepreneurs ourselves: we get you. We have decades of experience as entrepreneurs, which is a cute way of saying that we’ve learned from a lot of failures and we want to help you avoid the same pitfalls!

We designed the Money, Meditation, & Mandalas process based on our direct experience with Creatives, knowing what they desire most, how they like to serve their communities, their problems, and their successes.

This is so much more than a mandala coloring book; it’s a process for attracting money and opportunity into your business. By combining intention, attention and action you open yourself to receiving. This process will help you focus on what you want most, expand your creativity and bring you peace around your relationship with money.

You have a divine purpose to fill on this earth, and to do that takes money. The more money you make, the more people you can help! Making money requires both intention and inspired action. Your journey to manifesting an abundance of money begins with your commitment to yourself. 

Align your money mindset with inspired action and magic happens. The specific 7-step creative manifestation process outlined in this book is a powerful and playful way to create magic by shifting your money mindset through a meditative practice of coloring mandalas and journaling. Heal your relationship with money; change the world.

Bonus: Not only will you receive a beautiful printed version of the coloring book on high quality paper, you will also receive our free e-course to support you on your journey. This e-course includes even more mandalas you can print and color, a list of money affirmations, a Facebook community to share and connect with others on the journey with you and additional content and lessons delivered to your inbox to support you.
Here's a sampling of what you'll get with your
Money, Meditation, & Mandalas ...
31 Mandalas to Color
You can take as long as you want, or do one a day for a month to start seeing results!
Lefty-Friendly Top Spiral Bound
We asked and you answered loudly: make it easier for lefties to color!
Affirmation Prompts for each Mandala
Affirmations are a huge part of this process and they are very fulfilling.
Our 7-Step Money Manifestation Process
Use our powerful and playful way to create magic by shifting your money mindset.
An e-course delivered to your InBox
This e-course includes even more mandalas you can print and color, plus a list of money affirmations.
A Facebook Community
Share and connect with others on the journey.
Here are some of the mandalas we colored to help manifest more money flowing in.
I can’t say this strongly enough … 

Every time my clients go through this process they find money starts flowing in … I don’t want you to miss out on this chance to change your money mindset. This is true if you are just starting or already an established entrepreneur. One of the best ways to bring your unique creative brilliance to the world AND serve your best clients … is to be modeling good money behavior and seeing it as a flow in your business. 

Don't do it ... don’t spend Years with the Wrong Ideas about Money: go through this process and get it right NOW.

You might be tempted to just read a book or listen to a podcast about money mindset ... and that would be great ... but what you would miss would be the part where you learn it deeply. That's where the Money, Meditation, & Mandalas process comes in. By combining affirmations with coloring the knowledge and visualization of money mindset changes settles further into your being.

Don’t go it alone and guess your way through … I’ve been there and done that and it’s a real struggle!

This process come from years of being an entrepreneur and years of client interactions with Creative Entrepreneurs. I’m making them available to you so that you don’t make the same mistakes I have, so that you can CONFIDENTLY improve your money mindset, see better money flow, and be able to run a business that best serves you and your clientele.

Normally the Money, Meditation, & Mandalas process sells for $27, but for a very limited time I’ll let you have instant access to this plan for just $19.99.


Literally, you can have two of those fancy coffees at Starbucks or you can:

  • Start a specific 7-step creative manifestation process
  • Align your money mindset with inspired action and watch the magic happen
  • Focus on what you want most, expand your creativity and bring you peace around your relationship with money
  • Have fun coloring!
  • Start an additional e-course with even more mandalas and exercises
  • Join a Facebook community of people who are also on the path of improving their money mindset

What you focus on grows. Are you focusing on the right things in your business?

The choice is yours …

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Love my mandala meditations. I feel empowered and positive. – Irmi R.
I'm very excited about possibilities!!! I have already had an unexpected opportunity come my way!  -Phyllis M.
I sold two surfboards unexpectedly which was awesome, now I need to narrow it down to bring in money from clients i am creating. That is more me.  - Kathy M.
This process won’t always be $19.99!

We normally price them at $27 but we are running a special deal this month for folks who just joined us.

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Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author of The Artful Marketer: The Fundamental Business Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs and Instant Insights: A Time Management System for Creative Entrepreneurs, Dr. Minette Rioardan is passionate about bringing creativity and business together.  In her 15 years as a successful entrepreneur, Minette has spoken to hundreds of groups and coached hundreds of women on how to build a profitable business. She learned the hard way that working too hard with too little money to show for it leads to burnout and overwhelm.

When she first started her business, Minette knew nothing about marketing and sales. In fact the first time she stood up at a local networking event, she was so nervous her knees were shaking and her face turned bright red. She was terrified to pick up the phone and make a sales call. But she knew if couldn’t master marketing and sales, she wouldn’t have a business.

While Minette has now built two successful 6 figure businesses, she has also made just about every mistake you can make when it comes to owning and running a business. She has leveraged the lessons she has learned into a training and coaching program that teaches creative women entrepreneurs to build profitable, successful businesses doing work they love.

If you are ready to stop the stress and overwhelm and to start making money today, downloading and using this Visual Business Mapping System is a great way to start your journey with Minette. Just fill out the form below and click the big orange button right now.
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Minette Riordan is my amazing business coach. I am one of those highly creative, artistic healers who didn't know how to value my services when I first began my business. But through working closely with Minette, I've steadily transformed my relationship to my own value, what I charge for my services, and now am on my way to running a profitable business that serves queer women. I could not have achieved the success I have in so little time without Minette's skill, love, compassion, integrity, and coaching. She is such a gem! - Sofia Rose Smith,
Minette, I can’t thank you enough for the value you brought to me for my company. You helped me achieve the goals I was striving for and in such a short time. With your amazing knowledge and expertise, I have grown as a business owner AND met what I was hoping for. I would recommend anyone wanting to learn more about marketing their business to connect with  Minette. She is such fun to work with and has all the skills necessary to assist anyone in business. Thank you! - Heather Quiring, Travel Directions